- Closed toed shoes are required! Don’t worry! If you forget, we will have some ugly shoes for you to wear in the meantime! 

- We suggest ages 12 years and up to throw but trust your parental judgement.

- We will instruct you and your group for 10 minutes if it is your first time throwing. Then we will start your time. You can throw for 30 minutes or 60 minutes and are able to add time as you go if needed as long as there is not a wait at that time.
Prices are: $25 per person per hour and $15 per person per half hour. 

- We will announce once our bar is ready and open! Until then we have soda and snacks available for purchase.

- If you would like to reserve the entire Axe House for a private party or if you have any questions please call 573-410-9209.

-Everyone that enters The Old Axe House will be required to sign a release of liability waiver upon arrival.